Open Source Software

We are at the moment working adapting different Open Source Software to be deployed using Docker container. 


  • For easy deployment. 

  • To allow people to test , learn and use different open source software that can be run from a Linux server. 

  • To allow Individual and small organization to deploy them with minimal cost and time . 

  • All our container code will be public at repository to allow other individual and organization to use them like reference to create their own custom container.

  • Container will be remove when Official Docker Image  or Certified and Verified Publisher Image is release. 

Open Source Hardware

We are  working on open source hardware relate to automation , robotic and  respective open source software  . 

Example :

  • Zoneminder container and the use of Open Source hardware/software (Arduino,Android, etc) for security monitoring.

  • Development of 3D printer and the use of open source hardware and software (ROS, Docker containers, FreeCAD , etc).